Why the sky is blue – A Different Raman Effect

Why the sky is blue: Dr C.V. Ramn talks about science by Chandralekha Patel, Dashrath Patel

  A famous scientist is mid-speech, vigorously moving his hands about as he looks up in wonder and says ‘One thing leads to another. That is the essence of science. You must go where it leads you. The moment you raise a question, another arises. Then another arises. Ultimately, you find you have to travel the whole field of science before you get the answer for why the sky is.

Memories Of Rain – Sunetra Gupta

Memories of rain

  To buy/rent this book, click here Sunetra Gupta’s 1992 debut Memories of Rain is a brilliant first novel. Even after two decades of its release, the story retains its charm and luminosity. Words flow like rain water, on flooded streets of Calcutta, carrying a million emotions in them, drenching all those who happen to pass by.  Each sentence weaves magic with the sheer beauty of its form, words of a.

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