Why the sky is blue – A Different Raman Effect

Why the sky is blue: Dr C.V. Ramn talks about science by Chandralekha Patel, Dashrath Patel

  A famous scientist is mid-speech, vigorously moving his hands about as he looks up in wonder and says ‘One thing leads to another. That is the essence of science. You must go where it leads you. The moment you raise a question, another arises. Then another arises. Ultimately, you find you have to travel the whole field of science before you get the answer for why the sky is.

Deki: The Adventures of a Dog and a Boy in Tibet – George Schaller


  A wild simple treat, highly recommended for animal and mountain lovers. The sharing on this beautiful book about a dog, a boy and their mountains begins with a tiny anecdote from another mountain top. In 2010, I attended a mountain literature festival at Woodstock School, Mussoorie, curated by Stephen Alter. Where I got to hear a keynote address of a very well-known field biologist, George Schaller. He and his.

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