Happily Murdered – Rasleen Syal


Happily Murdered

No, I’m not a big fan of mystery thrillers.

Yes, the book makes me think otherwise. It was literally UNPUTDOWNABLE!! 

Rasleen Syal has debuted in a fairly untouched genre in India and she comes out a winner! A very moving murder mystery, Happily Murdered is definitely a notch higher than your expectations. 

‘Someone has rightly said that in love and revenge a woman is more barbaric than a man can ever be.’ Revenge is at the core of this thrilling mystery, set in the hills of Ratnagiri, involving three influential families – Royals, businessmen and politicians.

On her wedding night, the beautifully decked up bride Gulab Sarin is found dead, leaving all nine family members to be suspects. Under the watchful gaze of the police, each member of the influential Mehta family is subject to scrutiny, jealousy and hiding, desperately trying to save their asses and finding the murderer. The narrative runs in two parts. One is the unearthing of clues leading to the murderer and the other is the story narrated by Gulab.

Gulab, the powerful victim, the most loved, yet unloved character, is beautifully crafted. It is her story. Her world. The motherless child, the resident weird girl of Ratnagiri, Gulab leads you into her enticing world, complete with a devoted best-friend, a passionate lover, a childhood friend turned husband and an ambitious business partner. Her death arouses varied emotions and a flood of thoughts in each family member. And thus, starts the journey towards unearthing this gruelling murder mystery.

Read this book for the wonderful story, and Gulab’s heartwarming narration. More than knowing the murderer, I felt interested in knowing the details of her life, for the character was captivating even in death. The climax is interesting and leaves nothing unsaid, just an emptiness of death, and the pain of lost love.

Kudos to Rasleen on this achievement. I’ll surely wait for her next!       

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