Hostel-Life : A to Z of Life @ Hostel by Dr. Surbhi Goyal


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If you’re a teenager, a hosteler, or a concerned parent of an adolescent, this book is for you. 

Written from her decade-long experience as a physician and counsellor, Dr. Surbhi Goyal‘s first book Hostel Life: A to Z of Life @ Hostel is an essential guide for students who are living in hostels, away from their families for the first time.  

The author has been a counsellor to students at a premier coaching institute in Kota. During the time she came across hundreds of adolescents every day, most of whom were grappling with the complexity of teen-life. Her experience with these students and the advice she gave to many of them forms the core of this book. 

The book starts from the process of joining and settling into a hostel and touches upon the topics of relationships, health, peer pressure and even ragging and depression. The author writes systematically and has broken all the areas into easy to read points. Being a doctor she was able to give practical advice on various aspects of teen life, including effects of alcohol, and problems of health and hygiene. 

The book also features stories of some youngsters’ experiences, that you can relate to or learn from. The author also addresses the problem of confidence and lack of communication skills in adolescents. 

All in all, it’s a simple, to-the-point piece of writing, which caters well to its target audience. A good read for teenagers planning to live in hostels and also for their parents.

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My compassion as a doctor compelled me to be a passionate writer – Dr. Surbhi Goyal 

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    Vinay Bana April 3, 2016 | Reply
    Worst book I ever read. I did threw the book away after reading it so no one could read it after me. Sorry Mam I don't wanna disrespect you. Its not about you Dr Surbhi. Its just that you need to improve.nn1nn1

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