Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella


Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella : Book Review

This book by Sophie Kinsella was on my TBR list ever since I read her “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. So this time when I went strolling in my library and caught a glimpse of this book on the desk, I picked it up immediately.

Twenties girl is about Lara Lington and her great Aunt Sadie’s ghost, who can converse only with Lara and is not visible to any human around. Lara is dealing with her own dilemmas when Sadie entrusts the responsibility of finding her treasured Dragonfly Necklace on her. Soon they start working together, sometimes agreeing to each other and other times working forcibly eventually helping each other in their messy situations. Initially wary of the other, gradually builds into an envious camaraderie. The search of the Dragon fly necklace takes Lara into deep family history.

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella : Book Review

The book starts of extremely slow and makes it a tedious read. But I would urge the readers to hang on and continue reading, as the book sequentially picks up. The character of Lara is quite predictable. A girl having a plethora of problems who eventually solves them all and emerges a winner (I secretly wish life was that easy). She has been penned well, but does not stay with you after you have finished reading. The character that imprints in your heart is Sadie. She has been drafted impeccably. She is fearless. She is full of life. She is everything any 23 year old would dream of being. The companionship of Sadie and Lara that augments over time is what makes this book an enchanting read. The manner in which Sadie rules Josh (Lara’s ex boyfriend) is humorous. The character of Ed has also been drafted superbly and his equation with both Lara and Sadie is noteworthy. It flows immaculately with the storyline inspite of that primarily being about finding the dragonfly necklace. All the characters have been composed well and are extremely pertinent to the narrative. But the creme de la creme is the suspense which is exhilarating to read and was completely unforeseen. The finale chapters are written to perfection and keep you at the edge of the seat always. One would instantly want to read the next section to know more.

What I like of Kinsella’s writing is the effortless flow of words in unfolding the story. And I think this is the reason behind her being so successful in this genre.

Do pick this book if you have the patience to survive the banal commencing chapters because it is then a friendship worth reading about.

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