Memories Of Rain – Sunetra Gupta

Memories of rain

  To buy/rent this book, click here Sunetra Gupta’s 1992 debut Memories of Rain is a brilliant first novel. Even after two decades of its release, the story retains its charm and luminosity. Words flow like rain water, on flooded streets of Calcutta, carrying a million emotions in them, drenching all those who happen to pass by.  Each sentence weaves magic with the sheer beauty of its form, words of a.

Maharani – Ruskin Bond


To buy/rent this book, click here Painted in fresh hues and humor, damp with nostalgia, Ruskin Bond’s Maharani appears charming beneath a mist of melancholy. The relatively recent novella is a story of the widowed Maharani of Mastipur, H.H. (fondly called Neena), who lives in an enormous old house in the hills of Mussoorie, with her dogs and a caretaker. She is beautiful, spoilt, selfish and outspoken, but is dearly fond of her.

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