Hostel-Life : A to Z of Life @ Hostel by Dr. Surbhi Goyal


  If you’re a teenager, a hosteler, or a concerned parent of an adolescent, this book is for you.  Written from her decade-long experience as a physician and counsellor, Dr. Surbhi Goyal‘s first book Hostel Life: A to Z of Life @ Hostel is an essential guide for students who are living in hostels, away from their families for the first time.   The author has been a counsellor to students.

Right here right now – Nikita Singh


To buy/rent this book, click here Bestselling author of teen fiction, Nikita Singh, turns experimental with her latest novel ‘Right here right now’. It is a story of a teenage girl, but one that goes further than romance and touches upon the theme of living without a past and making peace with oneself. Seventeen year old Kalindi Mishra loses her memory (post-traumatic amnesia) in a mysterious accident. When she comes out of.

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