Urnabhih by Sumedha V. Ojha

Urnabhih: A Mauryan Tale of Espionage, Adventure and Seduction by Sumedha Verma Ojha

  A novel lovechild of WikiLeaks & Umrao Jaan – Mauryan style! To begin with, four confessions to make. I have a soft spot for historical fiction, for how it ferrets out a context quite distant in recorded time, but embellishes its characters with ways you can touch them, get them and root for them. Like they are here. It always returns me to a sense of wonder about how.

The Wild Places by Robert MacFarlane

The Wild Places

  Go to any wildlife/nature/travel section in an Indian bookshop and you’ll find useful field guides, a tribute to a famous conservationist or classic jungle stories. It could’ve been written by a passionate journalist, by an earnest, long time field researcher, even a good park guide or the changed hunter himself. Each has its place and value, but a majority of Indian wildlife writing is precise, sharp on observations or.

The Sceptical Patriot: Sidin Vadukut

The Sceptical Patriot

  Be the change you wish to see…..Except you see Gandhi may have never said that. A new book shows how the quote may have been a case of speedy and somewhat unskilful paraphrasing of what Bapu actually said. Sidin Vadukut‘s ‘The Sceptical Patriot’ answers to that email forward which we’ve all received or maybe forwarded at some point or another. You know the one which said – ‘Indians never.

Deki: The Adventures of a Dog and a Boy in Tibet – George Schaller


  A wild simple treat, highly recommended for animal and mountain lovers. The sharing on this beautiful book about a dog, a boy and their mountains begins with a tiny anecdote from another mountain top. In 2010, I attended a mountain literature festival at Woodstock School, Mussoorie, curated by Stephen Alter. Where I got to hear a keynote address of a very well-known field biologist, George Schaller. He and his.

The Forty Rules of Love – Elif Shafak

Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

  An emotionally gripping story cooked in some serious Sufi broth. An intense coming of age love fest which zig-zags between the Byzantine and the Bostonian. On the one hand, Ella, a tired of being a control freak woman-wife-mom in modern day Boston who doesn’t know what she wants. On the other, the bond between Rumi and Shams Tabriz in thirteenth century Turkey where the latter moves in mystic ways,.

Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino

Invisible Cities

  Cities remind us of what we can build as a species, but do they also leave us incomplete? A little tardy, yet comforting. A little claustrophobic but with edges within it, to linger in. Crammed with our cravings and desires, both gotten and forbidden, leaving us hungry still. A surface glimmer, which like any surface develops cracks. And then to go peer in. Calvino, in his celebrated Italian work.

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